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The brands of our company focus on different areas of business.
We seek that each one of our brands stands out in the market with an identity of its own but following the fundamental principles of the company.
The sustainability and development of our brands is only possible with the full practical application of our mission by each member of the teams in the different business areas.
We add value to what we do and not all value can be quantified. Our customers and our partners are aware of this added value!


G Finance is a brand focused on the financing area. It is involved in three major areas: Renting and Services, Insurance and Automotive Financing.


Blue Card is a facilitating brand in the area of credit, fuel and meal cards.


In Bank Service is a brand that has built a network of credit agents and services and is also responsible for banking advice.


Go Sales Partner is a brand that creates partnerships in the area of E-Commerce, Marketing & Sales Management, Intermediation, Imports and Exports and ID Projects in partnership.

Go Soft Consult is a young brand in the area of software development and consulting.

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