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Each person who is part of our team is a fundamental part of achieving our objectives independent of position that occupy the hierarchical structure of the same.

What we offer:
Training and development because only in this way we can personally and professionally develop our skills.
The possibility of integrating a diverse and cohesive group.
To be an integral part of the development of our businesses, in the markets and geographies where we are present.
We believe in the importance of the diversification of the career paths and the internal growth of our employees, so we bet on a talent and business management strategy.

Key assumptions to integrate our team:
For us a group of people is not necessarily a team, a team acts in block and the interests of the collective overlap to the individual interests.
We talk, we think, we dream about the needs and goals of each team member by which we stimulate the collective 's interaction and involvement in achieving individual dreams and ambitions.
Be demanding, ambitious and responsible in the development of our business.
Trust, transparency, rigor and confidentiality are key factors in integrating this team.

"For us people are not a cost, they are an investment. Investing with conscience is synonymous with sustainability."

Hélder Felisberto, CFO

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