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We are a multifaceted company, dedicated to the specialization in business areas where a sales strategy is required in the implementation of business, brand development or commercial representation of companies in the national or international market.
Via direct or through partnerships that bring added value to the business, we propose to analyze, develop and implement a commercial strategy that leads to the future strengthening of commercial relations with all parties involved.

National market:
Has a Business, wants to develop a national distribution network.
Have a brand, want to develop your business.
You have a product and you want to export it.
You have a business idea, you want an analysis for a business partnership.

We are part of the solution.

International Market:
Want a representative of your company in Portugal.
Want to export your product to the Portuguese territory.
You want a national distribution network with a dedicated team.

We analyzed the feasibility and implemented.

"We believe that the solidity and transparency of our relationships ensures the success of our partnerships and business."

João Portugal, CEO

Need more information?

We're here to help you. Get in touch by phone, email or social networking.

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